Solar PANELS fOr VEHICLES- and BOAT MAnufacturers

The energy consumption during operation or during the downtime needs a solution - solar modules makes you independent, they are silent and clean.The cost of electricity at campings sites or berths, the opening hours and the desire for total independence increase the focus on  self-sufficient energy solutions. These flexible solar panels are the perfect alternative to the large and inflexible glass modules because they are lightweight, powerful and extremely thin. The material is pliable and can therefore be an excellent fit on curved surfaces, the modules are also walkable. You can bond these mobile power plants in a few minutes, no drilling are required!


  • Approx. 70% less weight than glass modules
  • Approx. 2mm thin, thus significantly less wind noise and less visual impact than conventional modules
  • Sea and salt water resistant
  • Compared to crystalline solar modules significantly higher power at partial shade
  • By bonding virtually theft-proof
  • Unbreakable, walkable

Solar Chargers for Li-Ion Batteries

You can make use of years of experience in dealing with solar energy and battery technology: our programmable chargers are designed highly flexible - house development is not cheap, especially time and money ...

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